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By joining this mailing list you are giving the community group permission to communicate with you about the reunion plans. The communication can come from those working on the details and in some cases may come from their businesses.

The current team putting this event together are:

  • Susan Woollaston of
  • Yve Martin of Taihape Dance Academy
  • Carla Woollaston of

If you were known by a different name back then please pop it in here:

If you dont have an email address use your phone number as part of an email on this site. It will trick the site and let you register. use your own number so it doesn't cause cross overs in the wewbsite. example:    Alternatively you can phone Carla for classic style customer service.

Were you a Student, Staff or Both?
If you were a student, what is your birth year?
If you were Staff, what years were you at a Taihape or area school?
What was the last school you were at in Taihape or Area
What was the second to last school you were at in Taihape or Area?
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